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Stephens and Hutsen (Hutsenpillar)
billy ray isaack jr.
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James Frank Stephens Born 1892 Little River, Arkansas (my Grandfather), and Lillie May Hutsen ( Hutsenpillar) (my Grandmother) born 1899 Missouri, Married in Clarksville, Red River, Texas. 1911, Lillie  and James  had one son born 1912, died at early age of 8 yeas old in 1920, and had a daughter Stella may Stephens born 1914 Delta County, Texas, Died in Miller County, Arkansas in 1961 (my mother). Lillie May passedaway sometime around 1914 or 1917 in Vasco, Texas. Does anyone know what Cemetary lillie May Hutsen Stephens is buried in and how she Died?
billy ray isaack jr.
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