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Joseph Alphonse Morin (dates unkn) and Agnes Me'Gre' (b.1855 - d.1884)
Jonathan Moren
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I am at a dead-end with my great-great grandparents.  They immigrated from Canada to Connecticut in the early 1880s.  She and her two sons, Victor (5) and Alphonse (4) moved back to Sherbrooke, PQ after she contracted skin cancer.  At this point, I lose track of her husband Joseph.  She has both legs amputated and dies of complications at 29 years old.  Her young sons end up in an orphanage, I don't think they were ever adopted.  The orphanage mis-spelled Victor's last name on his file, he becomes Moren from which my family descends.  His brother Alphonse remains Morin.

I would like to find out where Joseph Alphonse Morin and Agnes Me'Gre' came from and what happened to Joseph after his family moved back to Canada.  I don't think he moved back with them as his sons ended up in an orphanage.

After the orphanage, Victor Joseph Moren ends up in Northern New Hampshire where I come from and his brother Alphonse Achilla Morin ends up in Detroit Michigan.............Any help would be appreciated, photos would be great, 

Thank you, Jonathan Moren. 

Jonathan Moren
Topsham, ME
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RE: Joseph Alphonse Morin (dates unkn) and Agnes Me'Gre' (b.1855 - d.1884)
Debra Parks
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Hi Jonathan,  I've been researching Victor joseph Moren for a fellow co worker here in NH.   I haven't got ever5ything all pulled together yet, so I'm quoting from memory right now, but Alphonse Achille Morin was born in Lapatrie 1884, his Father was listed as Isaie Morin and his mother Marie Megre.  Marie Megre died in L'aptrie in I believe the age of 47.  Isaie the father ended up moving in with his daughter Marie Louise Morin who married an Eleazer  Hamelin, and was living in Montreal.  Isaie died in Montreal, but I don't remember the exact date or parish.The 1881 Census of Ditton Compton Quebec lists Isaie Morin, his wife Marie Aimee, Marie Louise born 1873 Canada, Victor born US, Joseph born US..( I assume joseph died, but have found no proof of that).  In 1891 Census of Canada, one of the boys was listed as living in Ditton, Quebec still carrying the Morin name but as an adopted son of Joseph Megre.  I have quite a lot on this family and believe I've pretty much got them back into the 1700's, but the only absolute that I have is stemming from Alphonse Achille's birth record.  The old records are in French and can be quite difficult to read.

I have a Marie Aimee Maigrey of the correct birth, born to Narcisse Megre and and a Barrett, of St Barthelemy.

If you're interested in all the exact data and copies of the records that I have found,  you can e-mail me and as I get this stuff together for Todd, I'll make two copies 

                            Debra Mitchell-Parks 

Debra Parks
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