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Union Co SC Gregorys
Rhonda Lepisto
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Looking for anyone who may have info on the Gregory family of Union Co.  I am particularly interested in Sarah/ Sallie Gregory, daughter of John and Margaret Lipham Gregory.  Sarah/Sallie was born abt. 1884-86 In Union Co.  She married, it is said, another Gregory, making it difficult to trace her. This may or may not be true.  The only specific thing I have been able to find out is that her father left her some land when he died and that she requested that the title be transferred to her son, Thomas.  Thomas supposedly was born about 1811.  I believe it is possible that my ggggrandmother, Jane Gregory, may have been Sarah/Sallie's daughter.  Jane was born in SC in 1817 and married John L. Stalnaker, also born in SC.  They named several of their children by names that were shared with Sarah/Sallie's siblings, including Sarah.  Jane had a sister Catherine "Kitty" Gregory, who also married a Stalnaker. Sarah/Sallie had a sister named Catherine, as well.  Jane and Kitty both moved on to Alabama, as did several other Stalnakers and Gregorys.  All of this information may be only coincidental, but lays a strong suggestion of a relationship.  We have been, otherwise, unable to connect these two Gregory women with their family.  Anyone, having a connection to Gregorys or Stalnakers from SC who migrated west to GA, AL, Ms, Tx and possibly Ark. please let me hear from you.  It is possible, through comparison, we may come up with a solution to this disconnection.


Rhonda Morgan Lepisto

Rhonda Lepisto
Glendale, AZ
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