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The Po'o-Kahuna Prince Who Would Be King of Hawai'i: The Battle of Kuamo'o
Bill Kuamoo
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Most of the Kuamo'o Surnamed person's originating on the Big Island of Hawai'i are related to this Master Kahuna (Po'o-Kahuna High Priest) son of the late King Kamehameha Paiea I, the Great Conqueror of Hawai'i (b. 1765 at Kokoiki, Kohala, HI; d. 8-May-1819 at Kailua-Kona, HI), named "Kaiwi-kuamo'i-kekuaokalani."  According to Charles Ahlo & Jerry Walker's book entitled, "Kamehameha's Children Today," he was the sixth son of the ninth wife (of 26 known wives/partners) of Ke Ali'i Paiea named Maunakalika(w), a High Priestess of the Holoae religious tradition of HI.  She was a descendant of Malaia-Namau'u(w), the sister of the Tahitian High Priest Pa'ao who brought the Ali'i-Maka-aina social tradition to Hawai'i circa 1200 A.D. from Bora Bora, Tahiti.  Together, Pa'ao & his sister Malaia-Namau'u returned with the Tahitian High Chief Pilika'aiea & his wife to the Big Island of Hawaii circa 1250 A.D. and established the Pili-lineage of royal Hawaiian Kings.  Our royal ancestor Ke Ali'i Paiea, was one of the descendants of Tahitian High Chief Pilika'aiea.

On December 18-19, 1819, a great Hawaiian Civil War battle was fought just six months after the death of Ke Ali'i Paiea in May of 1819.  It was called the "Battle of Kuamo'o" at Keauhou, Kailua-Kona, HI, led by my ancestor, the Po-o-Kahuna Prince Kaiwi-kuamo'o-kekuaokalani and his warrior wife, High Chiefess Manono of Kohala District, Hawai'i.  Over 343 brave Hawaiian warriors were killed and are still buried in mass graves at this sacred "Battle of Kuamo'o" site called today, the Lekeleke Burial Ground, a U.S. National Historic Registered Site.  Details of this great Hawaiian civil war battle led by "Kuamo'o" or "Kekuaokalani", for short, are available at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Hawaiian Collection Library...FYI....


William Afong Kaipo Kuamo'o

Bill Kuamoo
Paradise Valley, AZ
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