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Leonidas Cleburn Cantrell & Minerva [ Thompson ] Martin
Donna Oglesby
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I am trying to located anyone in the Cantrell, Martin families that may have ANY pictures of my Great Grandfather Leonidas Cleburn Cantrell. He was born 22 Sept 1878 in Davidson County, Tennessee. Died 3 Feb 1946 in Chicago Illinois, Cook County. Married Minerva [ Thompson ] Martin in 1905 in Tennessee. She was born 16 Oct 1877, in Overton County, Tennessee , Died 12 Feb 1928 in Chicago Illinois, Cook County and body was returned toTennessee where she is buried in Springhill Cemetery, Davidson County. Together they had three sons, Hugh S. Born 7 Aug 1905, Paul  Born 4 Feb 1909 and Howard born 7 Apr 1913. I have 1 picture of Leonidas but it is not the best and really can't see his features too well. Thank you for your time.

Donna & Paul Oglesby


Donna Oglesby
Crystal Lake, IL
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