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looking for my father charles coats
valerie lawrence
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I have a very difficult story. My mom Geraldine Scott ran a dry cleaning business in the very late 1950's - 1970's

she had a little girl that was 7 years old and was divorced. She  met my father as I was told and got married in Yuma which I have not found any record of and then got pregnant with me in 1960. I was born in 1961 and again as I was told my father, Charles Coats was a house painter and wanted to travel and look for work. My mom wouldn't go because she had my sister and me on the way and a business to run. So he left, found another lady came back to see me around 3 months old and my mom ran him off. She put my sister's fathers name on my birth certiificate so I have no prove I am his daughter. No record and no one ever spoke about him. My step dad so to speak kind of accepted me as his and I always felt out of place but want to find my real  dad. I heard he married a preachers daughter from Rubidoux and had lots of kids. 


valerie lawrence
Arlington, TX
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