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Mystery Grandpa
Frances Gordon
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My mom was born Linda Jane Tibbles.  Born September 23, 1949. In Missouri.  She has a sister Kathrine, I know her as Aunt Kathy.  She also has a brother named Joe, last time I knew he lived in Nebraska.  Additionally, she has a sister I know as Patsy Raulerson.  I'm not sure of their current whereabouts however.  I've always been curious about who my grand parents were.  When I was really young, my mom gave me a little here and there, but nothing too solid.  I should've been writing these things down at the time, but I was also a kid.  All I know is that their Dad, my Grandpa, passed away when my mom was about 9 or 10.  And My Grandma died  before she was 16, something like that.  If this rings a bell, or anyone knows something that might help, please, I could sure use the help.

Thank you, Frances D. Gordon

Frances Gordon
Bailey, CO
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