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Reqesting info on anyone having family married around Dec. 1924 or 1925 and possibly moving to Mississippi.
Cheryl Latona - Lundgren
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I have access to Several LARGE boxes photographs and new clippings  advertised and purchased on ebay from an unknown seller who lived in Mississippi who claimed to be a relative of someone in these pictures.  Many are from the Zimmerman and  families of Millstone Township in Clarion, and surrounding areas in  Pa.

I am looking for a connection to my family.  at the time I did not know there would be so many photos of my family inn these boxes. Now I am trying to connect the dots..  If anyone is interested in helping I would gladly share my information for yours, Angelstarr_2006@hotmail.com or Cherlundgren@yahoo.com

thank you.


Cheryl Latona - Lundgren
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