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Searching for information on my GGGG-Grandparents
Sharon Baum
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I am searching for information on my GGGG-Grandparents: John H. & Elmira Reeves Collier.  John H. Collier was born August 2, 1818 in England, died 1899 Topeka, Kansas,  (his parents were both born in England I am also looking for information on them).   He was a Captian with  Company D, 161st Infantry, Ohio.   Ellmira Reeves Collier was born November 2, 1825 New Jersey, died July 19, 1916 Topeka, Kansas, ( I am also searching for more information on Elmira Reeves Collier).  They had 3 daughters, Sallie, Kate & Hollie,  born between 1846 - 1851 all born in Pennslyvania, 2 sons, Frederick, born abt. 1861 in Petersburg, Illinois, and George Robert, born October 30,  1863 in Virginia, died October 28, 1930 Topeka, Kansas.  My GGG-Grandparents: George Robert married Effie Mae Murphy in Kansas, they had 6 known children 3 daughters, Flora Alice born January 12, 1891 Grantville, Kansas died May 25, 1961 Topeka, Kansas; Blanche Ellen born June 13, 1898 ? died ?1979 Canyon City, Co.; Georgia Mae born August 28, 1901, died August 22, 1927.  3 sons, William Jefferson born January 3, 1893 Keokuk, Iowa, died February 2, 1960 Keokuk, Iowa; Russell Moline born July 3, 1895 or 1896, died May 29, 1954; Harold C. or E. born September 7, 1907, died June 1974. My G-Grandmother was  Flora Alice Collier Moon Johnson.    Any information on any of the listed would be greatly appreciated.

Sharon Haid Baum


Sharon Baum
Lewisville, TX
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