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Berg family
Lauri Berg
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I am looking for any information about my grandgrandfathers family.

We know that his last name was Berg, about first name we are not sure, because during the war time when my grandfather was wounded he burned all his documents and changed his first name and fathers name.

What we know:

My grandgrandfather was born in Munich. He and his brother came to work in Estonia, they worked on railroad. He got married here or in Germany we don`t know, had a son. He was involved in movement against tsarism and for that he was deported to Siberia around 1902-1903. His wife and son died on the way to Siberia. There he married again to Estonian girl Julie Rosalie Aruksaar. They had 5 children - Pauline, Maria, Olga, Nikolai and Aleksandr. Around 1923, he was cilled there.  They lived- Krasnijarski krai, Irbeiski raion, village Malovka. My grandfather with sisters and mother moved to town Ilansk after fathers death. There my grandfather studied in Railway Technical School and became a locomotive driver. In 1938 was cilled all mothers relatives in Ilansk and everything was ready for their arrest, they run away from there. My grandfather and his brother went to serv in Russian army, Pauline and Maria got married. Pauline staied somewehere in Russia, her husband`s name was Hutornov. Maria moved to Ukraine, Kiev. My grandgrandmother whit the youngest daughter came back to Estonia during the War. Aleksandr was cilled in the war. My grandfather was wounded three times. After the war he came to Estonia. Here he got married to my grandmother and so was born my father. He never talked about his life in Russia and his father during the Soviet time, because he was afraid that someone will discover who his father and realtives in Russia was. When the time changed and it was ok to talk he had two seroius strokes and hes memory never recovered. So we know only a little pieces of his past.

We know that my grandgrandfather had a brother who lived here in Estonia untill 1939, when he with his family went back to Germany.

I would be very glad to get any information about my grandgrandfathers family. May be someone will find something familiar in this story, something that he have heard from his parents or grandparents about relaitives in Estonia or Russia.

Lauri Berg
Tallinn, Estonia
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