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Uploading not finishing properly - HELP Myheritage Team??!!
Charmaine L
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Hiya, HELP!

My FTB program isn't uploading properly!      

It gets 100%, but just sits there on 'processing' or updating to site. I've tried to upload for the past couple of days with the same thing happening everytime. The other day I had to go out and left the computer on so the upload could finish and after many hours it was still sitting on 100%, but still  'processing' to site. The only option in the program is to 'Cancel'.  The 'finish' button is greyed out and not clickable. This just stays like that for hours, and if I want to close the program or go back to viewing the tree I have to select the 'Cancel' button. If I click 'Cancel' what does this mean?? What data is lost?

 I've checked the site and my tree is there, but I'm concerned that some info or data isn't being transfered because it just isn't 'fininshing' a proper upload.

Thing I noticed on the site is this: Usually after an upload the home page has something like: this person has uploaded a new tree.. This isn't there now. Which leads me to think that the tree isn't uploading properly.

 What's going on?

Charmaine L
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