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Families of Military Units from Twiggs County, Georgia
Jack Poynter
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The following comments apply to Laurens County also, as many of the soldiers in the unit were from Laurens County. 

 I'm Jack Poynter, descendant of John Everett, Sr. of Twiggs County, Georgia.  His son, John Barrett Everett, and his four Bullard brothers-in-law, served in the Sixth Georgia Infantry Regiment, Co I, during the War Between the States.  In addition to the Sixth Georgia, Co I, three other companies were raised specifically in Twiggs County: Fourth Georgia, Co C; Twenty-Sixth Georgia, Co E; and the Forty-Eighth Georgia, Company G.  Among those four units, I am connected to more than one-hundred-fifty-one (151) of the five-hundred-twenty-five soldiers (525) in those rosters.

I am looking for other people descended from those units, or for those who have information about them.  Beyond the usual genealogical interest, I am interested in finding present-day descendants of those soldiers, with a view to helping other people find their Confederate ancestors.

 This activity is most appropriate now, in the Sesquicentennial of the WBTS.  But it is always appropriate to help people to learn the history of their country and where they stood in it.

If you think you might be a descendant of one of the soldiers in those units, or think you might be and want help finding out, or if you have information about them, please contact me.  I have the rosters of the four units on my website, with pointers into their genealogical information.

Thanks for your help.

Jack Poynter
Overland Park, KS
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