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Parents of Benjamin Franklin Frampton
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I have seen a lot of trees being built from the Wrightenour (sp) Family Tree book that list the parents of Benjamin Franklin Frampton who married Elizabeth Fireman as David Porter Frampton and Juliann Fillmore-This is INCORRECT!

There is absolutely no supporting evidence that indicates that they are the parents of Benjamin, in fact there is plenty supporting evidence that this Benjamin Frampton who married Elizabeth Fireman is the son of William FRAMPTON and Mary GEARHART. 

Both David Porter Frampton and William Frampton had a son named Benjamin Franklin Frampton born in the same year.  I have not found any evidence of who David Porter Frampton's son Benjamin did marry.   I am aware that the death date posted in Wrightenour book for Benjamin Franklin Frampton is different, so it is possible that the death date in which the book has is the correct death date for David Porter Frampton's son. 

Does anyone know if this is going to be corrected in the new geneology book that is being re-written? 


Louisa, VA
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