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Lisa Lockett
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I a m looking for information on my REDING family in Baltimore.

John REDING (original spelling could possibly be vonReding) was born in Germany between 1827 and 1832. Fathers' name was John. Mother may have been Elizabeth. John came to Maryland before 1850. He married first wife Anna Wolff and they had children Frederick about 1851, Caroline about 1853, Barbara about 1856, John about 1861, August about 1863, Elizabeth about 1865 and Rose in 1868.

Rosa died unmarried in 1889.  Elizabeth married Louis F. DEISE.  Nothing is known of the other children.

John REDING married his second wife, Christina (maiden name possibly FLACK) ZULAUF, also her second marriage.

Any information on the REDING and/or ZULAUF family would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa Lockett
Hanover, PA
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