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Hi Guys

 I believe this to be my Great Great Grandfather,  I know he was Spanish although his name became anglicised to Menday. He and Mary married in Allhallows Tottenham England and went onto have 8 known children, John 1821-1821, followed by Emma, Eliza, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret and John, my Grandfather was Timothy George Menday, his father baptised Tim was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth. On all the censuses it is stated that Mary came from Cambridge, maybe Girton. If anyone knows anything about Haysbury or this family please would they get in touch. I have changed my email address which is now marianne.joy@o2.co.uk

William MENDEA, of Haysbury, Bucks., & Mary Ann NEVES, lic.09 January 1821Aylesbury?
Thank you so much Marianne
Marianne Baddiley
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