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Grandpa's !st wife
Margaret Hopkins
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Hi, I'm looking for my great-grandfather's 1st wife who died young and left him a widower, family history believes she was from Skowhegan or Madison maybe. His name was Arthur Perry Hopkins and he was from Plymouth, Maine, he was born in 1870. He married a women some time before 1898 and they lived in Boston, Massachusetts for a while. After she past away he met and married Mamie Meader from Solon, Maine who was my great-grand mother. Grandpa's 1st wife is just someone that I would like to find to add her to our family history. So if you have a married aunt that past away  without having had any children that might be Grandpa's 1st love if you could let me know, thanks in advance. Margaret E Hopkins magrockgem@yahoo.com
Margaret Hopkins
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