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Seeking Mares family
Vojtěch Mareš
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I am seeking for Mares family descendants...

 From the oldest (prob.):

Teka Mares - Josef Mares - Eva Mares - Johan Mares - Vaclav Mares (born 1910)  - former Austro-Hungaria, After 1918 former Czechoslovakia, nowadays Czech Republic...

They are siblings. They were born in Drozdov (Drosenau prob.) I do not know their parents or children.

Just Vaclav, who was my grandfather... he moved to Zdobnice (Stiebnitz). Got married and had 3 children, Anna, Josef, Vaclav.  

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PS - do you know anythnig about Jaschke (Jäschke) family from Zdobnice (Stiebnitz)? 

Vojtěch Mareš
Česká republika
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