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Privacy settings
Tom Browne
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When publishing online, and giving membership access as a guest to other people, can I set some sort of 'privacy' on e.g. everyone who is not an adult? If not, what sort of privacy options are there and how can I access them?



Tom Browne
United Kingdom
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RE: Privacy settings
Esther Weinberg
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The privacy settings allows you to control access to your family site.

First it is important to understand what kind of audience may visit your family site.

There are three possible types of users for any family site. The first is the webmaster/creator, which is the person who created the family site or another member promoted by the original webmaster to webmaster status. The Webmaster has the most privileges. Second are Site Members – these are family members and friends that have been invited to the Family Site, typically with lower privileges but still able to contribute content to the family site. The third are guests, i.e., the general public; guests are not allowed to add content and are usually limited too with respect to the content they are allowed to see.

You can change your family site’s privacy settings at any time, by following the procedure below:

First, log into your family site. Look under the main tabs of your family site and click on Administration > Privacy.

Pick the privacy setting for your site that best suits your preference, among the following options:

1) Mixed Site – A few sections in your site will be open to guests, but private information will be restricted to members and webmasters only. This is the default and most popular option. Living individuals will be masked as “Private” in the Family Tree when viewed by guests, to protect the privacy of your family.

2) Public Site – Allows everyone to view all sections of the Family Site, including the Family Tree.  For your protection, living individuals will still be masked as “Private” in the Family Tree, for guests.

3) Private Site – The Family Site and Family Tree are will be accessible only to site members and webmasters.  Guests are not allowed.

Click Save to finalize your choice. You can change the privacy setting at any time later.

Best Regards,

Esther / MyHeritage team



Esther Weinberg
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