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RE: Annoying Bugs
Ana Florencia Pinton
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Yes, I've noticed those bugs too... I've solved the issues by setting up only the English language for the new projects I open, and by keeping the default options on the dates, but yea, it's annoying.

Plus, with the download of the newer version of the Family Tree Builder, I'm having an even worse problem... I cannot upload ANY pictures at all (it was possible with the older versions). When I click on "Browse..." [for pictures], the window where you can select the pictures freezes, there are no  previews like before, I cannot select any other folder. I can't even click on "select" or "cancel" at the bottom right of the screen, the only way I can close the window is by clicking on the top right "X".

Anybody else had the same issue? How can I fix it?

Ana Florencia Pinton
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