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Carson Family from Ohio and Pennsylvania
Christine Carson
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I am looking for any family members or any information on my family's heritage. My great grandfather, JOHN CARSON, born in Ohio (no other info or middle initial is known); married Martha E Foreman of Pennsylvania in 1875. They had three children, George C., Mae C and Harry F. Carson. Harry Frazier Carson was my grandfather. He married May Barnett and they had 1 child, Robert John Carson; my father.

I need any info on John Carson -- middle name or initial, when he moved to PA, any siblings, who were his parents?With no middle initial and no county in Ohio for his birth, I have hit a brick wall. Can anyone help me?

May Barnett's mother was LOU E. Barnett, I need info on her mother - LOU. May's father was Robert Barnett and his father was Alexander Barnett.  I would appreciate any feedback.

PS we were always told as children, we were related to KIT CARSON, no proof of that either. Thanks, Chris



Christine Carson
Orlando, FL
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RE: Carson Family from Ohio and Pennsylvania
Donnetta Payne
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I am researching the lineage of my father, Randolph Carson.  I have found through research that his grandfather's name is George Clifford Carson, son of John Carson from Ohio.  At this point, I seem to have hit a brick wall.  However, when I stumbled upon your post, you list both of these names.

I am very much interested in comparing names, notes, etc. to see if there is a connection.  One of my first cousin's just made a trip to Ireland last month, and I sent her on a mission to also check out the Carson name there.  

You can reach me by my email: mrsbigdog2u@aol.com or my work email: donnetta@dancecostume.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

Donnetta Carson Payne 



Donnetta Payne
Sandston, VA
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