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Heinrich Kuhl from the Rheinland in Prussia
Bruce Cool
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I am looking for any information on Heinrich Kuhl. My Heinrich was born in November 1816 in Bruehl which is on the outskirts of Koln.  His father was Jacob Kuhl, his mother Appolonia Ippen.  He married Maria Sophia Kreutzer (also called Marie Sophie Creuzer and other variations of the name)  in 1849. She was born in Bonn in 1810.  In February 1853 they were given permission to emigrate to America.  I have a copy of the official entry for this, and have also found reference to them in a book on German emigrants based on the German records and not on passenger arrivals in the US.    They had two children by then:  Margaretha Wilhelmina (b 1851) and Peter (b1852).  However, I have searched for years trying to locate them in America.    Peter is my great grandfather, and he emigrated to Australia from America in 1873, arriving in Melbourne.  The boat, the Caesarewitch, sailed from San Francisco.   He wrote on his son's birth certificate that he had been born in Detroit, but I have evidence to show he was born in Germany.  Perhaps he thought he had been born there,  I haven't been able to locate any record of the family there.    Peter Kuhl married an English girl soon after arriving in Australia and then anglicised his surname to Cool. 
Bruce Cool
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