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I need help in finding a lost great great uncle please
Melonie Rogers
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TO any and all that might know of my Great great uncle Overal Ests Hendrick who served in the Candain Airforce during WW 1 as a ploit his unit was last know was over the mountains of Gremay on the Franch brorder in the mountains where  unknow interment camp once sat my great great grandfather John Nolan his brother spoke of the camp his brother was sent in to invesagate if it was true but never returned. The remains of the interment camp was found while building a road to the village that sits at the base of the mountain, and possible fighter planes were found. 

I am hoping to find the truth about what happend to him and his unit so that my gandmother can lay to rest if he is dead or has famliy somewhere, she is the last of his famliy and needs to know. My gandmother would like to know before she pass.


PLEASE PLEASE help give my grandmother closer and peace of mind.


                                                                                                          Thank you

                                                                                                                           Melonie Rogers


Melonie Rogers
Woodland Park, CO
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