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Looking for 1900 census record for Major and Savannah Ford family
Pamela Shotwell
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Major Ford (born 1872, MS) and Savannah Yates (born 1870, MS) married 12 Apr 1891 in Clay County, MS and had the following children:

Mary Ford 1893

Wiley Ford 1895

Major Ford, Jr 1896

Rosa Ford 1898 

Cora Ford 1900

Martha J 1903

Cannie bell Ford 1905

Savannah Ford 1906

Amorie Ford abt 1906

Eddie Ford 1911

Estelle  1914

Charlie Ford 1918


The following information is gleamed from census records in Clay County, MS.

In 1800, both Major and Savannah “Tennessee” (single) are found in Clay County, MS

In 1900, I could not find any of the Ford family, although they have 5 children by that point.

In 1910, Major and 5 children plus 4 more are living with Savannah’s mother, Rebecca Brownlee. Savannah cannot be found.

In 1920, Major is remarried to Caroline Cockrell who has two children from a previous marriage. In the 1920 household is Major his minor children, plus three more children he and Savannah had between 1911-1918, and his step-son from Caroline. I believe Major and Caroline had no children. Still no Savannah (1st wife) to be found.

In 1930, Major has remarried again to Huldah Calvert and has had no more children. No Savannah (1st wife) to be found.


The question is 1.)where is Major and Savannah Ford in 1900 and

2.)where is Savannah from 1900 on.  She continues to have children with Major until 1918.

One questionable find: in 1900 there is a Major Ford and Savannah Ford with similar birth years and marriage year living in Florence Stewart County, Georgia, but with children of differing names and birth dates.


Thank you for your attention to this query.  I’d appreciate any information regarding the Ford family.

Pamela Shotwell-Waldon


Pamela Shotwell
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