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Searching Sansico
Natalina keble
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Searching Sansico families that have decended from Ancestors who  migrated from San Severo , FG, Puglia , italy in the late 1800's - early/mid 1900's.The Sansico family  in San Severo did not have many members ( it is not a very common Italian name) . My grandfather was Gerardo Sansico , was born in 1899 in San Severo and served in WW1 at the battle of Veneto. Some of my grandfathers 2nd cousins and uncles migrated to USA and France , l dont have any info on their names or dates except that the migration was late 1800's- early/mid 1900's. l dont know who my grandfathers parents were yet ( have been trying to geta response from Comune di San Severo but not had a reply for my 3 emails and 1 letter). Hoping some one can help me with this.
Natalina keble
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