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RE: Family of J. Thomas Choate and Minnie Bell Baker Choate
James Calloway
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Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you.  I just found your message.

 Sorry to report I do not have anything in my database that matches the couple of interest.  You might try Shawn Choat Martin, a cousin of mine.  She is actively researching the Choates.  Probably the best way is to "Google" Shawn Martin (plus) Choate.  This will give you several hits on Shawn and allow you to communicate with her through a message board.

 The Google line entry should be "Shawn Martin" with a plus sign, then "Choate".

This results in a logical AND being exercised and is read 'Shawn Martin and Choate'.

Hope I haven't insulted you with my small search lesson.

 Good Luck,

Jim Calloway

      I am looking for family members descending from J. Thomas Choate born 1861 KY and Minnie Bell Baker Choate born 1884 KY. They were married about DEC 1900 in KY.  I would also like to discover the parents of both J. Thomas and Minnie. Some descendants later lived in Tennessee.


James Calloway
Ruston, LA
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