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Jungenberg family tree
vince jungenberg, jr
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Hey we are trying to track down family here. I am Vince Jungenberg's son from his 3rd marriage, that to Sandy Condon. My sister, Linda, is from his 1st marriage, Mayme Oleson. Let us share info with each other. My fathers father was Fredrick Jungenberg, but was adopted by Martin Bentley. My father had a brother named Russell married to Myrtle, had some children, not sure of their names.

Hey wir versuchen, die Spur Familie hier. Ich bin Vince Jungenberg Sohn aus seiner 3. Ehe, dass Sandy Condon. Meine Schwester, Linda, ist aus seiner 1. Ehe, Mayme Oleson. Teilen wir info miteinander. Meine Väter Vater war Fredrick Jungenberg, wurde aber von Martin Bentley angenommen. Mein Vater hatte einen Bruder namens Russell nach Myrtle verheiratet, hatten einige Kinder, nicht sicher ihren Namen.

vince jungenberg, jr
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