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Ancestral Books, LLC

Hello fellow researchers,

  •     Are you building your family tree?
  •     Would you like to learn more about US History?
  •     Or, are you just trying to get started on your research?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, History Book Corner has the book to get you started. We carry over 30,000 different titles on US history and genealogy and we are adding new titles every day.

By going to http://www.ancestralbooks.com/catalog you will be able to browse our catalog or put on a request if your book is not in our catalog.

Whether genealogical and historical research is a hobby of your yours or your job, Ancestral Books is here to help.

Please visit us at http://www.ancestralbooks.com/catalog and let us help you find what you are looking for.


FOR A COMPLETE CATALOG VISIT OUR WEBSITE  http://www.ancestralbooks.com/catalog

Longley Family: Some Descendents of William Longley, born in England 1614, a land grantee of Lynn, Mass. 1638, died at Groton, Mass., 1680:
Records and Letters of the Family of the Longs of Longville, Jamaica, and Hampton Lodge, Surrey
The Longstreth Family Records
Longstreths of Pennsylvania
Longsworth Family History: Descendants of Solomon Longsworth, Sr., of Maryland: typescript
The Decendants of Jacob Longyear of Ulster County, New York
A History of the Loofbourrow, Loughborough and Lufburrow Families
The Loomer Family Ancestry of Addie E. Loomer-Shepard and her descendants: with an appendix giving the descendants of her parents, Philip and
The Descendants of Stephen Loomer of New London, Connecticut: Comprising the First, to and Including the Ninth Generation
A Frisian Family. The Banta Genealogy. Descendants of Epke Jacobse, who Came from Friesland, Netherlands, to New Amsterdam, February, 1659
The Descendants (by the Female Line) of Joseph Loomis
(Loomis) Colonial Families of America
The Loomis Family in America: A Brochure
Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America and His Antecedents in the Old World
The Story of the Lopez Family: A Page From the History of the War in the Phillippines
The Genealogy of the Christian Loquist Family
An Account of the Genealogy of the Family of Loraine
History of the Descendants of Nathan Lord
The Lord-Locke Genealogy
Genealogy of the Lord Family. Which Removed From Colchester, Conn. To Hanover, and Then to Norwich, Vt.
Certain Members of the Lord Family Who Settled in New York City in the Early 1800's Decendants of Thomas Lord of Hartford, Connecticut
Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Lord
The Ancestors and Descendants of Lieutenant Tobias Lord
Loring Genealogy. Compiled from the "Chronicles or Ancestral Records" of James Spears Loring from His Origina Manuscript in Possesion of the NEHGS
Ancestral Links
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Be warned that they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are infamous at rootsweb for spamming the message boards there.
Maggie McTaggart
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