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Delhi Twp Hamilton County Ohio Families
Mary Hartman
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The story goes that if you move to Delhi Twp., don't talk about the neighbors to any other neighbor because they are all related!

It is fairly true that early families pre- 1900 tended to marry into local farm families based on ethnic background then perhaps on religious background then on familarity by the 1930s and as the area was becoming increasingly suburban the area tended to resemble the remark.

My family settled in the area in 1832 and in the early 1980s my grandmother warned me not to marry anyone from Delhi Twp. She was concerned because I was only a couple generations removed from there and she had heard about the results of what amounted to inbreading.

I have not found any questionable marriages as I have researched my line but I thought it might be interesting to hear any stories that might be floating around about this area.

Mary Hartman
Loveland, OH
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