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DNA Testing & Joseph & Sarah (Morris) Farmer of Bertie Co., NC
TJ Blank
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Joseph and Sarah had the following sons: William, Josiah, John, James, Jesse, Luke, Joseph, & King Farmer. Another NC Farmer researcher has informed me that the sons Luke (born c. 1780) and King Farmer (died after 1841, Henry Co., AL) removed to Henry Co., AL and some descendants may live there today, as well as in Houston Co., AL. I believe that son James Farmer (b: circa 1760) removed to Jackson Co., GA, to Gwinnett Co., and then to Henry Co., GA. We have a descendant of this early GA Farmer family that has provided his Y-DNA for the "Farmer Surname DNA Project" found on the website Family Tree DNA (FTDAN). The compared results had some "very" close matches with other project members that have traced their families back to the Bedford Co., Virginia Farmer's. We need a descendant from the Luke & King Farmer lines to provide DNA for a comparison with this group. We would like to see if the above James Farmer in early Georgia matches as a son of Joseph, and also to discover if Joseph Farmer came from the Bedford Co., Virginia Farmers. If the cost of the test is an issue then help with the cost is available. The test results will be used for genetic family history "only". The test is taken from a swab inside the mouth; no blood test is necessary. Can someone please help us locate a living male Farmer descendant from one of these family lines for the DNA testing and sharing of family history? Your help will be most appreciated. Whether you are sure of your Farmer family ancestors, or not and would like to join the Farmer DNA Project, then we would love to have you as a member. The URL for the Farmer DNA Project: http://www.familtreedna.com/public/farmer At the top of the page you will find email links in order to contact the Group Administrator and/or co-administrator for more information. Thanks for any help you can give, TJM
TJ Blank
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