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ATTN: JOHNSON: looking for my father and paternal grandfather...
Melanie Dodge
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My name is Melanie Ann Dodge and I was born to Brenda Ann Seashols (/Kehoe/Dodge). I was born on Thanksgiving Day, the 22nd of November, 1979 in Saint Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan.

My father, Michael Johnson, left before I was born, but my paternal grandfather, Carl Johnson, stayed around for a little while, as I do remember him. I referred to my grandfather as "uncle carl" apparently because no one knew just how to explain his relationship to me. (BTW, kid's really don't care if they have 4 grandparents or 7, if they're related by blood, marriage or just because some person out there was nice and needed the love of a family... in the kid's view, the bigger the family, the merrier the members.) Anyway, without my having time to understand his place in my life, he ended up fading away as well.

I wouldn't be telling the whole world this stuff or asking everyone for info if my mother hadn't died when I was still young, before I had the chance to get any more information than what I've already stated, but right now, I really am in a bind to figure this out on my own at 30 years old and having no parents or grandparents to guide me through my search.

Please help if you can! Any info or remotely possible lead would be appreciated. 

Melanie Dodge
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