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Peter Bozarth
Jessica Underwood
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I am trying to find out how Peter Bozarth is tied to the Bozarth's that are my line.  Allegedly he was born in Paris, France.  This is what I know,....

He was married to a woman named Marie (maiden name unknown)

They at at least 5 children.  John Wesley Bozarth (d 1-26-1896) , Henery Bozarth (had both of his arms shot off in the civil war), Charley Bozarth (was married, but wife's name is unknown), Thomas Bozarth (married, wife's name unknown), and Rebecca Bozarth (born in New Jersey, married a Henry Tyler and had at least 2 daughters.) 

I have more information on the desendants of John Wesley, also.  I cannot for the life of me find a tie between Peter Bozarth and and of the Bozarth's in my line. 

My line is Johann (Jean) Boussart (Bosarth)

Simon Bozarth

John "Jersey" Bozarth

John Caleb Bozarth

John Bozarth

Jane Bozarth (who married James Mitchell, and this is where the Bozarth name ends for my line).

If anyone has any information about how Peter ties into this family, please let me know.  Also, anyone who is looking for information on the Bozarths, I would be more than happy to share what I have. 


Jessica Underwood
Rochester, IN
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