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Samuel Love or /george Legault's parents
Sheila McCarten
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Samuel Love born 1839 (according to 1870 census he was 31), lived with wife Rosa age 32 (in 1870) Samuel immigrated from Canada to the US in 1845 according to immigration records and in 1870 lived in Norfolk, St. Lawrence County, NY in 1900 he lived in Massena, NY with his son Daniel Peter Love, Samuel was 64 at that time. Have no further info on him, nor can find any.

2. George Legault, a real puzzle, we know he was born Jan 16, 1885.  Married Valerie Filion (Fillion) June 6, 1900, George died in Ogdensburg on Feb.28th, 1920 and is buried at St. Mary's Cathedral Cemetery.  He had 4 children, Charles, Edgar, Mary LaRose, and my mother in law- Mildred Legault Love.  Some Spell the name LeGault, other Legault.  Some spell his wife, Valerie (Viola) Fillion, others Filion (french differences). 

 Any info on either would be appreciated.

Sheila McCarten
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RE: Samuel Love or /george Legault's parents
Lisajean Morris-Yavner
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The George LEGAULT who was born 16-Jan-1885 was married to Wilhelmina THIBERT.  He died in 1918.

The LEGAULT family appears on some census records as "LAGO"

The 1920 census, taken on 8-Jan-1920, for Ogdensburgh has this family:

LAGO, George age 48 b. NY, both parents b. Canada

wife Viliot age 36 b. Canada, both parents b. Canada, immigrated 1890

dau Viole age 16 b. NY

son Edgar age 13 b. NY

dau Mildred age 2 b. NY


Being 48 in 1920 puts George's birth year around 1872.

Daughter Mary Viola LEGAULT married William LAROSE on 30-June-1924.


In 1930, in the same location:

LAGO, Viola age 46, widow, b. Canada

son Edgar age 23 b. NY

dau Mildred age 12 b. NY


There's this family in the 1880 census for Ogdensburgh which I think is very likely your George with his parents and siblings:

LAGO, Joseph age 42 b. Canada

wife Liley age 40 b. Canada

dau Rosey age 16 b. Canada

dau Marey age 10 b. NY

son George age 8 b. NY

dau Libbie age 7 b. NY

dau Emma age 3 b. NY

dau Eva age 3 b. NY


There's a findagrave page for George that links to his parents:




Lisajean Morris-Yavner
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RE: Samuel Love or /george Legault's parents
Paul Ventiquattro
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I am just seeing this post now, and I sure would like an answer too.  My maternal grandmother was Rose Love, born of Samuel Love and Harriet Hattie Sharlow, of Massena.  Legault is also a surname in that family line.
Paul Ventiquattro
Miller Place, NY
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