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John (M.?) Gerdes from France lived in N.O., La. wife Leontine Crespo
Brenda Wagner
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My grandfather, John Gerdes (name may have been changed from Gerde) , was born May 1874 in Louisiana according to 1900-1930 N.O. census records, but family stories and his death certificate claim he was born in France .  He married Leontine Crespo (born in St. Bernard Parish around 1877) but I am unable to find a marriage record in St. Bernard Parish or in the New Orleans area.  They lived in New Orleans and had 8 children:  Leonora (maybe Leontine or Marie Leontine), Leona, Marion, Marie, Clarence, John, Louis, and Paul. I haven’t been able to find any of the children’s birth records in the Louisiana/Mississippi area. He worked on the riverfront as a laborer according to the 1910 and 1930 censuses.  He died on Jan. 7, 1937 in New Orleans.  His death certificate states he was the son of Joseph Gerdes, but no mother is shown.  He is buried in St. Vincent de Paul cemetery in N.O.   I don’t know if there were any siblings that may have stayed in France or immigrated to the states.  I would appreciate if anyone could help resolve this brick wall that I can’t seem to break down.   I need to know where he was born if he was born in  France and when he immigrated, when and where he was married, his father’s name (if Joseph is not his first name)  and his mother’s first and maiden name, and any info about his siblings if there were any .

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Brenda Wagner
Denham Springs, LA
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