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My Grandfather name was Late Ishwar Dass Talwar, my father name was Late Roshan Lal Talwar. My father including himself were three brothers and one sister. After partition, our families moved from Lahore ,Montgomery,Gujranwala of erstwhile India to different parts of India. Mostly our relations, got settled in present India at Delhi, New Delhi, Agra, Jhansi, Jabalpur, Indore, Bombay, Chandigarh to mention few cities/towns.

Today as I am writing my father / mother, his brothers / wifes, father only sister & her husband are all gone. Right from my tender age, to now am 62 YRS,I had always had a desire to meet, or chat with any family having Talwar as there surname. Over the years, my desire to know our roots, what we call family tree was there that I finally embarked on the journey of making our family tree.

At this stage it is in its infancy, but would like to exchange ideas, with all  families who  carry our  same surname to build ancestor family tree.

I also know, lot will say they are busy, or just not interested, there is nothing to loose, if we know  our Talwar Dynasty / its origin etc. 

Today, our surname fills up pages after Patel's in Indian Telephone directories and many are  settled around the globe.

I would like thank every one, who writes / contributes / helps us to see we achieve in making our own genealogy. Later would like to add, all Khatri names as time progresses.

Lot of people, will say they have records at Haridwar, (holy place in India, where we all go, to immerse ashes of our near and dear ones to river Ganga) where our ancestors names are recorded with Pandas. But do not know how these pandas of today take you for a ride. My own experience has not been very encouraging. Especially when births / deaths registers in modern society, is still a long dream in our mother land. 

Pandas / priests, need to use, computer age to get information recorded/updated/matched etc, to get easy approach to one family. Yes some times people say, its good to see your forefathers handwriting / signatures, bring us to spiritual / emotional feelings etc. I do not disagree, but even that can be done, along with tonnes of records dating back to many centuries.

Science has modernised every field, but still we need to go long way to connect our forefathers, when it goes to our mother land.

I will appreciate, all those from Male side, young or old or Female side young or old and are connected to Talwar family, please do write me, to include in the genealogy of TALWAR'S. This will help me, not to say help you to know your own near and dear ancestors. Please do leave your email ID, contact details, details about your family etc.

God bless, 

A Talwar


Arun Talwar
New Zealand
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