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Charles Ecclestone
Gena Dodd
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Looking for ancesters of my g gandfather. According to the family bible he was born in Aug 1833 in Staffordshire. The family bible had a page that says Charles Ecclesotne born 24th Aug 1833 Emily Ecclestone born Nov 5th 1839 Sarah Ann Momford born 14th May 1817 Know Emily is his wife Emily Darlington. Could Sarah be his mother, but why put her maiden name on, if Emily has got Ecclestone written down? Know his father was William according to Charles's marraige certificate in 1858.when he moved to Shropshire Can find him on all the census from 1861 til his death, have his death certificate. In 1841 can only find a Charles in St Mary and St Chad, Staffordshire, England Stafford Union Workhouse. Could this be him. In 1851 can only find a Charles in Knightley, Staffordshire, England The farm of John Skelton working as labourer. Could this be him. So no mention of parents. He says he was born in High Offley Staffordshire but had someone look into this no record and no record in surrounding villages. Until l can find William his father and his mother cannot go further back.
Gena Dodd
United Kingdom
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