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RE: Milligan family
Byron McKeithen
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Elaine wrote:


I looking for ancestors of Edward J. Milligan (my father).  His parents were Joseph Henry Milligan and Ada Magnolia Kohn Milligan.  He's the 10th of 10 children.  His grandparents were Esau Milligan and Charity Larke Milligan.  Charity's father was Robert Larke a Irish slave owner who brought his slaves from Ethiopia in the 1800's.  He fathered Charity by one of his slaves named Ophelia.

Hi Elaine,

My Aunt Faye sent me info on this site last year - yet, I only now have found time to send you this e-mail.

I, too am researching my family history.  Regarding the Milligans, my info is limited.  However, I have

discovered that Ada's last name was "Koon."  I have found only one of her relatives using "Kohn" (James Elmore).

James Elmore was Ada's brother.

Also, Charity's maiden name appears to be "Lorick," not "Larke."  Charity also had a brother named Wade Lorick.  In fact,

Wade Lorick and his family lived next door to Esau and Charity.

 Ada's family:  Anderson and Frances Sarah (Wessinger) Koon, then John and Sophia (Jacobs) Koon, then Joseph and Ada (Koon) Milligan.

 - Frances Sarah was native American born in Virginia.

- It appears as though Charity remarried after Esau died/divorce/separated - she took the name "Goodwin"

If you have any information on this I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

I hope the information I have provided helps.


Byron A. McKeithen 


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Byron McKeithen
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