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Info on Hillsdale and Litchfield, Michigan Hadley Family and Ancestors
Breanna Hadley
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Looking for any information about the Hadley family from Hillsdale, MI or Litchfield, MI.

S.B.Hadley (Born Sept 26, 1900 in Litchfield, MI) who married Olga(Alta) Price(born Feb 20 1913 in Engadine, MI).

Father of S.B. Hadley was Asa Hadley (Born Nov 10 1873 in Litchfield, MI) who married Lunette Knapp (born July 4, 1878 in Kinderhook, MI).

Father of Asa was Simon Briggs Hadley (born Feb 12, 1826 in Oswego County, NY) who married Susan Stivers (born est 1838).

Father of Simon was Cornelius Hadley (born March 9, 1797 in Brattleboro, VT) who married Elizabeth Briggs (born March 27, 1797 in Brattleboro, VT).

Father of Cornelius was Jesse Hadley (born Nov 13, 1753 in Westford, MA) who married Abigail Wilder (born Nov 28, 1755 in Petersham, MA).

ANY information on these people would be great! Thanks!

Breanna Hadley
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