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high im trying to find out about my mothers father. my grand mother was maried twice, i know them didnt
Ronald George Butler
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My mother was born clara vandervaldon or vandervalden? she was then adopted i believe by her step father. who;s last name was kemsley. i am trying to trace family ties for both as i do not know mutch about them at all. my grandmothers name was alice. the last addres i know for them was in hounslow road in hanworth middlesex. My mother died in 1994 from cancer and was married to Ronald james  Butler who died about a year later. My mother was allso previeuosly married to a person with the last name of i believe Kemp? They had a daughter called Lynda< who in tern was addopted by my father and took the last name of Butler.Lynda passed away in 2008. I would be greatfull for any information that or could fill the many gaps . Iam trying to go back as far as possible with my family tree as an intrest whilst on long term dissabillity leave .many thanks to any one with an7y info that may help.     Many thanks Ron butler.                                                                                            P.S I dont how trew any of this is but vaigly remeber as a child being told i have reletives in germany,australia, and that we had an ancester in americacalled butler in the seventh caverly in custers time.

Ronald George Butler
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