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Unice Lunn Morrow Bolam
Lynda McKiernan
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Looking for information on Eunice (or Unice) Lunn Morrow who married Henry Bolam in 1899-1900. She was born in England between 1854 emigrating to the United State between 1867 and 1875. She was married to a Charles Morrow before marrying Henry. In 1900 they were living in Carnegie and had sons John, George, William as well as a daughter named Frances Tully living with them. Frances had a half sister Mattie Tully who married Conrad Holzapfel. Eunice died in 1932 and her husband Henry died in 1931. He was a coal miner also from England. I am interested in finding who Frances and Mattie's father was. Eunice also had a son or stepson Charles W. Morrow born in 1875. Attached is a picture of Mattie with two unknown women.
Lynda McKiernan
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