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Neville/Nevidosky family from Russia/Poland
Natalie Hershman
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Can anyone help me with tracing my grandparents details.  Harris and Annie were born in Russia/Poland.  He was born on 11.9.1869 and she was born on21.7.1873.  They married on 3.4.1898 not sure where as I only have a translation of their wedding certificate.    He died on 21.5.1927 and she died on 13 July 1927.  They are buried at Edmonton Cemetry. Their eldest son was born in 1901 in London, so they must have travelled from Russia/Poland before this.  They lived in the East End of London but I have no details of where they actually came from and how they travelled here.  I do not know if they had any siblings.  They had 5 children: Alf, Sadie, Millie, Hettie and Jack (my father).  I have no -one to ask for help in the famly and keep coming up against a brick wall.  PLEASE any help would be gratefully accepted.
Natalie Hershman
United Kingdom
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