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Marcos CANALES (born approx 1900) in El Salvador
Nelson C.
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Hello, I'm looking for more information about my great-grandfather named Marcos CANALES who had a child with Romelia Ceron in El Salvador back in the early 1920's. The child was named Carlos Alberto Ceron.

I don't know their exact births, but here are my approximations: Marcos Canales (born approx. 1900's) Romelia Ceron (born approx. 1900's) Carlos Alberto Ceron (born approx 1920's)

I'm pretty sure Carlos Alberto Ceron ended up settling in Juayúa, Sonsonate, El Salvador because that is where his wife and children lived.

I've attached an image with a small lineage tree for reference. If you have any information, please let me know.

Thanks, Nelson C.

Nelson C.
Los Angeles
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