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Rowe Family in Ramsey County in the years 1700-1900
Linda Rowe
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I am working on a Family tree of the Rowes and a Book of history to be published when I am done. I do know this branch of the Rowe Family is big and it seams most of the familys have lots of children in each individual family. I know my dad has 19 kids in his family alone and his brother has about 9 in thiers. I also know that most of these Rowes are Farmers and also some own or owned businesses like an Ice store, a few teach, and also restraunt.

I know a Charles Rowe was born in Illinois and moved to Ramsey Minnesota and had his family and moved up this way. I Live in Todd County where a lot of Rowes now live along with other surnames that are in this huge family. I have a site here for the Rowe family. If you have information to share or need information that helps you in your family research feel free to contact me or post here.


Linda Rowe
Browerville, MN
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