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Rowe Family in Todd County, Mn
Linda Rowe
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I have been researching the Rowe Family for a short time and found them to orignate so far from Ireland and England. They Migrated here in early 1700 to mid 1800 and most either farmed or owned businesses. One Rowe I beleive I was told her name is Mary Rowe who was married to Charles Rowe was a teacher here in Minnesota.

I have a lot of names but still trying to piece them all together and fing the rest. I also am working on getting stories, information on historical issues and maybe make a book.

If you are Looking for information or have information please contact me or post here. I do have access to some death and birth records and even some land records back to as far as I beleive mid 1600 to present might not be that far back but close.


Linda Rowe
Browerville, MN
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