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Seeking family Rohloff / Roloff of German
Monika Rohloff -Kowalska
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Looking for uncle and aunt, cousins, living in Germany, whose great-grandparents came from the Polish .. Here's a link where you can see: http://bliscy.pl/mruid,8387342,drzewo.html In Poland were two brothers, Stanislaus Rohloff and Ludwig Rohloff were born near Poznan, looking for family from the Stanislaus and his children: -Franz Rohloff was bornunknown in Poznan, Poland. He died after Sep 1937 in Poland. -Martha Rohloff was born on 11 Apr 1865. She died on 08 Oct 1942. -Bernard "Ben" Roloff was born on 14 May 1871. He died on 14 Sep 1937. -Mary Rohloff was born on 05 Oct 1872. She died on 23 Jan 1951. -Joseph "Jos" Rohloff was born unknown. He diedafter Sep 1937 in in Germany in 1937. contact:Monika Rohloff mail:monmar123@wp.pl
Monika Rohloff -Kowalska
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