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Baumgart Family
Candy Olszewski
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I am looking for my Grandfather's family, here is some of the info. that has been passed on to me.   His name was Bernhard? Baumgart? Born April 01, 1923 in Konisberg (Prussia).  Parents names were Johannes? and Henriette.  Siblings: Ernst(deceased), Horst?, Hanze?(deceased), Elisabeth?.  Step-Siblings: Anna, Karl and Fritz.  He spoke several different languages, and ended up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1946, then later settled in Ontario.  There might be some connection to Olszewski, as I was told that his Father re-married.   I am not sure how accurate this info. is, my Grandfather was very ill when he passed this along.  Thank you!
Candy Olszewski
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