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Ida Winebrenner Wilkins...........Pa. / Fla.
Charles Seiring
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  I am Nana Winebrenner Seiring, and I am looking for my grandfather's sister, Ida Winebrenner, who married a Mr. Wilkins. The last my family has heard from or about her, she had been visiting my grandfather, Joseph Wyant Winebrenner. She came to Pa.every summer and spent time with Grandpap and several other of her sisters, who lived in New Florence, Pa.

  She had several children, one of whom was a son, who had a set of twin boys, and I think, a younger girl.

  If anyone knows of Ida Winebrenner Wilkins, please send any info to my email address:  Charlesseiring@bellsouth.net , or to my snai mail address: Nana Seiring, 120 Dale Dr., Georgetown, Ky. 40324.  Thanks for any info anyone can send me.

                    Nana Winebrenner Seiring

Charles Seiring
Georgetown, KY
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