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Leslie Stowe
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Looking 4 relation  that was realated to Annalina N. Giadessi her nick name was Nelli She was once married to a Funk And they had a son named him Raymond LeRoy FunkThey seperated when their son was a very young boy .  GRANDMOTHER Nelli remarried when her son my father[Mr.Raymond LeRoy Funki think when he was in hes early 20's My Dad never new the Funk Side of hes family nor did any oy hes 6 children he had  an Grandma wouldn"t tell us anything either. Now Nelli Giadessii Funk Wolff has passed away, John D. Wolff her 2nd husband my only grandfather i new has passed on ,and my dad Raymond Leroy Funk [Ray L. Funk  ]has passed on also I don't know where to really start searching . our family history was keeped in tight silance on both sides the Genessi and the Funk,s  My  mother and father had 6 children they  devorced when their youngest of the 6 was 3 yrs old .Just for the record my mothers name is Doris J. liggett Funk bolar.    Realations : last names are ..... grandmothers maiden name i believe wasGiadessi !st married name was Funk 2nd married name is Wolff her cousins and realations name  is also genessi on name i do remember hereing was of Mr. Donald genessi .  if  you are realated to any of these person  PLEASE SEED A MESSAGE  Sincerely Mrs Leslie K. Funk Stowe        I am the daughter of Mr Ray L. Funk grandaughter of Nelli Wolff ....... Ps forgot to mention my dads dads name i believe was chancey Funk 
Leslie Stowe
North Las Vegas, NV
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