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James Oliver Foster 1930-1968
Tamara Anderson
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I am looking for a picture of James Oliver Foster 1930-1968.  He married Doris Lish (one daughter Kathy).  He married 2nd Loretta Marie Ahlstrom (two boys Bret? and Bart?).  He married 3rd Donna J. Carr.  He died in a hunting accident in Freemont Co., WY.  His grand-daughter Tiffany Lee Johnson (of Kathy) posted a message a couple of years ago looking for information on him and other family members.  I have some information for her, but cannot find contact information.  Doris was last living in California and is believed to have pictures of him.  Loretta was last living in Minnesota and Donna in either Wyoming or Texas.  James was a decorated marine and at one time owned a truckstop in Wyoming.  If anyone has information/pictures of him or his descendants, please respond to this posting.
Tamara Anderson
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