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Daivd Carter Richardson/Mary Ann Carter Richardson/Jacob Carter Looking for Descendants
Robin Richardson Reese
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Mary Ann Carter Richardson was the mother of David Carter Richardson.  Mary was my GGG Grandmother.  Jacob was my GGGG Grandfather.

Would love to meet relatives,  I live in NC.  Last year I visited Gardi and Jesup and stopped by Midway Baptist Church.  


Robin Richardson Reese
Cornelius, NC
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RE: Daivd Carter Richardson/Mary Ann Carter Richardson/Jacob Carter Looking for Descendants
Robert Richardson
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I am one of your richardson relatives. My name is robert anthony richardson. I am a psychologist and live in Savannah, GA. David Carter R and Cordelia Williams R were my gg grandparents. I went to the midway baptist church today. I do not get to go often and they had a nice service. i thanked them for continuing to preserve the sanctuary and the cemetery. They were a very small group but warm and inviting and seemed excited to have a visitor. Please contact me when you are in Savannah. I would enjoy meeting and sharing any information about our history my ggg  was david carter richardson (Gardi) -- grand grandfather was (rev) aaron riley richardson (Gardi)-- grandfather william riley richardson (macon) and my father died almost 2 years ago and was William Riley Richardson, Jr. (perry, ga) and then there is me--robert a. richardson (savannah, ga). I grew up in Perry, GA. I grew up going to the Richardson reuniouns that were held each june at the church and cemetery in gardi and it was lots of fun. The meetings always started out with welcome and greeting and then we there would be a "hell and brim fire" sermon -- that used to scare me when I was a kid, and afterwards we would eat all afternoon. Richardsons would come from as far as south carolina (hilton head), middle and north ga and florida. All of the group organizers died out in the 1990's.

 warmest regards,


rob r

(912)-596-0040 cell

535 East Perry St

Savannah, GA 31401 


Robert Richardson
Savannah, GA
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