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Slaves held by Benjamin Churchill Gibson, Tallassee, AL
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Slaves owned by Benjamin Churchill Gibson, Tallassee, Elmore County, AL:

as remembered by Uncle Daniel Gibson Lawson, personal body guard to William Henry Lowe, during the Civil War:

  Albert Gibson Greene, Adam Gibson, Jim Gibson, Dick Gibson, Livie Gibson, Hannah Gibson, Daniel Gibson, Floyd Gibson, Lonimas Gibson, Edman Gibson, Rachel Gibson, Anderson Gibson, Ellen Gibson (Aunt Ellen) Greene, Omie Gibson, Lear Gibson, Carolyn Freeman (Aunt Caroline) (Cowline as she was known by the people of Tallassee, Candies Gibson, Irish Gibson, Tuck Gibson, Manuel Gibson, Luke Gibson, Fannie Gibson, Lucy Gibson, Betzie Gibson, Joe Gibson, Jennie (Aunt Jennie) Gibson, Lucindy Gibson, Dalis Gibson, Tom Gibson, Lovie Gibson, Mary Gibson, Jim Gibson, Solomon Gibson, Rachel Gibson, Laddie Gibson, and Hinton Gibson.  A good many of these slaves lie in unmarked graves in the Benjamin C. Gibson Family Cemetery located in Tallassee.This was sworn to in an affiddavit by Lawson Gibson Daniel, in the State of Alabama, Elmore County, July 14, 1930 before C. R. Atkins, Notary Public. Also,  it is documented that Mr. Benjamin Gibson was known as a kind master and man.He opened his grain bins to the people of Tallassee during the war years on a daily basis and gave thread from his cotton gin to the those that couldn't afford it in order for them to weave their own clothing.

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